Back of the Bike Tours Announces 2020 Ho Chi Minh Food Tour Excursions

Well known excursion company Back of the Bike Food Tours has announced its 2020 itinerary. Its very popular Ho Chi Minh Food Tour has new and updated menus, and, in addition, the company is offering a walking tour for the first time ever.

For most of the tours, clients are transported around the city on the back of motorbikes so they can fully experience the thrill of the city as well as sample the very best that local street cuisine has to offer. Traveling by motorbike allows for a quick and easy to get around the city of Saigon. The city itself is so large that visitors would have difficulty navigating around themselves and would not know the best places to stop in at. The aim of Back of the Bike Tours is to not only provide all the transportation needed but to take the guesswork out of finding street vendors and restaurants that are worth a visit.

Eating Local Street Food in Saigon

Brand new this year is the “Saigon Street Food Stroll.” As the name may suggest, this is not a motorbike tour but is, in fact, a four-hour walking tour around the heart of Ho Chi Minh City’s District 3. This area is reputedly one of the “top neighborhoods in the world to live” and offers a unique look at the culture and history of Saigon. It is an excellent way to experience the sights, sounds, and street cuisine of the city.

A Back of the Bike Tours spokesperson said, “Our motorbike tours have proven very popular, but we understand that not everybody is comfortable being on the back of a motorbike. For this reason, our 2020 itinerary now includes a walking tour which will mean that everyone can experience what the city has to offer.”

The company’s motorbike food tours can last up to five hours and will involve stopping to eat at different city food stalls. There are several different types of tour to choose from, and these range from street vendors who may not have seats at all to full-service restaurants with all the amenities one would expect. The first step in selecting a Saigon Food Tour is to decide whether an afternoon or an evening excursion is preferred.

The “Big Eats and Small Seats” tour takes place in the afternoon and its focus is on local family run vendors and restaurants. The venues are usually small and may or may not have stools. The menus are diverse, and the tour is a real mix of Saigon's street food and culture.

Taking place in the evening, the "Taste of Vietnam" tour is a little more upmarket insomuch that there will be good seating and more of a "restaurant" feel to the experience. Suitable for any age group the menus are again very diverse.

Also taking place in the evening is Back of the Bike Tours' ultimate street food experience, the "Chef's Tour." The aim of the tour is to experience as much local street food as possible within a five-hour period.

Steven and Jane Thompson took the “Chef’s Tour” and Steven had this to say, “Whenever Saigon is seen on TV or in the movies, it is always a hive of activity with street vendors of all descriptions. This is what we wanted to experience, and the motorbike tours gave us an ideal way of doing so.” His wife, Jane added, “We love the city and have been to visit several times now and we will be going back again this year. I was excited to read online about their new walking tour and I can’t wait to try it.”

Back of the Bike Food Tours’ guides are all English-speaking and have been highly trained in both safety and customer service. Its dedicated support staff is available to deal with any problems that may arise for its customers. Full details of 2020’s Motorbike Tours in Ho Chi Minh City along with the new walking tour can be found online at the company’s website.

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