Is it Safe to Drink Coffee in Vietnam?

Vietnamese Coffee is famous all over the world for tasting bold and rich with an intense flavor.  Escaping the heat of Saigon by sitting down with colleagues or friends to drink iced coffee is a large part of Vietnamse culture. If you’re exploring Vietnam and want to sip on Vietnamese Coffee, I’m recommending that you sit down in a local cafe instead of purchasing from street side vendors. Cafe’s will hold a higher standard of quality for their coffee than a street vendor. Is it safe to drink coffee in Vietnam? Yes, drinking coffee in Vietnam is extremely safe and million cups of coffee are being sold everyday. There is a black mark on the coffee industry in Vietnam though, as recently as 2018 there have been coffee suppliers caught using artificial ingredients in their ground coffee. I’m going to discuss what to be on the lookout for to avoid any suspicious or dangerous coffee drinks or beans. Why is Vietnamese coffee so famous? Vietnam is the second largest coffee producing countr

Staying in Ho Chi Minh City District 4 : Tips for Air Bnb Guests

Let’s face it, during your first tip to Saigon, You don’t know anything about the different districts of Ho Chi Minh City. Now it’s up to you to pick the best spot for your family to stay during your vacation to Ho Chi Minh City! The pressure is on! I’m gonna give you some information about District 4 compared to District 1 to help you make a decision if an Air Bnb in District 4 is a good option for your family. How does Ho Chi Minh City’s District 4 compare to District 1? They are very different but District 4 is so close to District 1 that it makes sense to stay here if you are travelling. I’m going to go over some of the questions you might have if you choose to stay in District 4 rather than District 1. Should I stay in D4 instead of D1? This all depends on what you are looking for. In my opinion, if you are planning to spend most of your time outside of your hotel, I would have no problem staying at one of the accommodation options in District 4. It is an easy hop in a taxi cab

How to Take a Taxi in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is known for crazy traffic! There are viral videos and photos all over the internet that show the chaotic dance of traffic happening here everyday. Walking across the street in Ho Chi Minh City seems intimidating to some travelers. Never fear the taxi cab is here! As a person who has been living in this city for years, I would recommend calling Mai Linh Taxi (028) 38 38 38 38, VinaSun Taxi (028) 38 27 27 27 , or booking via the Grab application. This post is a complete guide to traveling with taxis happily and safely in Ho Chi Minh City. I’ve crafted all you need to know about what brands to use and how to contact them. What Taxi Brand should I ride with in Ho Chi Minh City? When visiting Ho Chi Minh City, you should only ride in Mai Linh and Vinasun Taxi Cabs. They are the oldest and most trustworthy brands in Vietnam. If you are still nervous about riding a taxi cab there are alternatives digital brands for you to choose. Go with Grab or Goviet. These are popular

How to Call a Taxi in Vietnam?

A Simple Guide for Taxi-hailing in Viet Nam Taking a Taxi has never been a budget-friendly option for traveling around. The situation is the same in Viet Nam. However, it turns out to be a decent choice in Vietnam where the condition of the public transportation system is troublesome even in major cities. If you prefer walking to taking a vehicle, you may want to think again. The hot and humid atmosphere combined with the hustle and bustle of Viet Nam will tire you down.   If this is your first time visiting Viet Nam, there is a big chance that you have many questions about taxi services. You may not know how to appropriately hail a taxi and wonder if the cab you are trying to catch is licensed. You are afraid of being ripped off. You want to know if it’s possible to pay for your ride by credit/debit card. So, let us show you everything you need to know about calling a taxi in Viet Nam, especially in major cities.   We only recommend Mai Linh Taxi and Vinasun Taxi for foreigners i

Do I Need A Visa For Vietnam?

Vietnams Visa Process The Visa process has been adjusted last year in order to encourage more travelers and tourists to come to Vietnam. This is great news for a lot of people but still not a perfect solution. With that being said, let’s talk about Vietnam Visa. who needs it? who doesn’t? how to get one?. Requirements for everyone even if you don’t need a Vietnam Visa!? A passport! This might seem crazy to some people to even mention this but some might not be used to traveling. So lets cover it, you MUST HAVE a passport if you are visiting Vietnam from another country. This next point is very important and I have actually seen many people get caught up on this and not even realize it until they get here. **important** Your passport must have 6 month of validity from the date of Travel. **important** Our company Back of the Bike Tours have actually seen this issue a few times where one person in a group gets stopped from traveling because of this issue. Don’t let it happen to y

The Best Banh Mi in Saigon

Put some Pate on It: The Best Banh Mi Saigon and Where to find the best Banh Mi Saigon at Huynh Hoa Banh Mi has become a Phenomenon across the globe over the last few years. In London alone, you can find approximately 26 shops selling their own versions of the Banh Mi for 4-6 on average. America is being swept up by its own wave of Banh Mi enthusiasts who are not even blinking while shelling out an expected $6 dollars for a quality Banh Mi.   What is it that makes the Banh Mi so fantastic that its notoriety is spreading across the world so quickly?   As a cook and foodie, I appreciate the balance of the sandwich. It touches every sensation on my tongue perfectly and leaves nothing more to be desired from such a humble and simple sandwich. Layered with meat, smothered in pate and mayo, and topped with fresh herbs, pickles, and chili creates a texture and flavor party that leaves the masses standing in line with their hands open begging for more night after night in Saigon.   The

Back of the Bike Tours Underground Restaurant Project in 2013 by Oi Magazine

Check out our article about our secret underground project back in 2013. Ho Chi Minh Things to Do Originally Published Here: Back of the Bike Tours Underground Restaurant Project in 2013 by Oi Magazine